Raymond Leasing, Inc. provides both operating/ true leases, finance leases and municipal finance leases for commercial modular buildings and specialty truck trailers.  Below outlines parameters from which we can provide a quote, what information is required to generate a quote and the process or flow of the transaction.



Dollar Size -From $15,000 to over $5,000,000

Term -From 24 months to 84 months up to 120 months (credit dependent)

Payment Structures –Straight term, term with balloon payment and step structure

Deal Content –Deal can be comprised of all hardware or hardware and soft cost (one time cost).  The amount of soft cost is credit dependent.


Required Information for a Quote

The following information is necessary to generate a quote:

Operating or finance lease

Name of customer

Location of building or vehicle

Type of customer (private school, commercial, charter school, municipality, etc.)

Number and box size of buildings or vehicles to be financed

New or Used Building or Vehicle

Dollar Amount to finance

Dollar amount composition (building or vehicle cost, one-time cost, delivery, etc.)

Terms requested

Building/ Truck Specifications and Floor Plans/ Drawings


Most important is knowing what the story is behind the customer’s need for the building or vehicle.  The more we know about the customer’s situation, the better we can service their need.


The Process

 The following outlines the chronological order of the transaction from the quote to when the deal is funded:

1. Generate a Quote

2. Deal is Awarded

3. Credit Approval

4. Documentation

5. Building/ Vehicle is manufactured, delivered and Accepted by Customer

6. Funding the transaction


Advantages of Using Raymond Leasing, Inc.

Obtain a competitive quote

Raymond Leasing can communicate directly with your customer if requested

Raymond Leasing will gather all necessary credit information if requested

We’ll process and manage the deal from beginning to end

Quick turnaround time on quotes

Upon acceptance of the building/ vehicle, funding can occur within 48 hours 

Interim funding is available 


Advantages of an Operating Lease

100% Financing (building/vehicle, onetime cost, taxes, transportation, etc.)

Preserve Capital

Keep acquisition off balance sheet    


Hedge against the Cost of Inflation

Flexible Payment Options

Fixed Rates/ Payments

Avoid Equipment obsolescence